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Robo-Advisors vs Real Life Advisor – How to Choose

A financial advisor provides guidance and money management services, and can help you understand your financial standing now, and envision growth toward a particular future. Today, software-based robo money advisors...

Diana Ford

25 Ways to Help Your Young Children Save Their Money

Did you know that kids aged 4 to 14 receive an average weekly allowance of about $9.35? That comes out to roughly $486 per year. Which, really isn't all that...

John Rampton

Women's Savings Accounts Took a Hit During The Pandemic, Unlike Mens

When it comes to retirement savings, women have been lagging behind men. Just how bad is it? In retirement, women are 80 percent more likely to live in poverty as...

John Rampton

25 Ways to Save Fuel and Money

With gas at a crazy price, people are asking themselves if they can save fuel money. As of March 31, 2022, the average national price for a gallon of regular...

John Rampton

18 of the Easiest Money Saving Tips That'll Make You a Millionaire

Even if you're modest, I think everyone wouldn't mind being a millionaire. But, with such an uncertain future is that even possible? Actually. It is. With proper planning, responsible spending...

John Rampton

6 Reasons Sustainability Investments Should Be in Your Portfolio

Want to build an investment portfolio that has a conscientious as well as a competitive edge? ESG investing makes it possible. Putting money into this type of investment vehicle could...

Deanna Ritchie

How to Retire Early with Zero Regrets and Extra Cash for Life

Depending on who you ask, early retirement has different definitions. Generally, any time before your 62nd birthday when you are eligible to draw Social Security benefits. Recent years have seen...

John Rampton

All Your Burning Tax-Filing Questions For This Year, Answered

Today is Tax Day. Here's everything you'll want to know to prepare your tax returns.

How Fintech Can Help You Manage Your Personal Finances

Per wIt seems like the second you enter adulthood, and often even before, personal finance management becomes top priority. The need for better money management soars as the world continues...

April Miller