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New Neuroscience Reveals the Best Way to Form Powerful Habits That Stick

New research proves that willpower and rewards aren't enough to build sustainable habits. Here's what else you need.

Leah Borski

TikToker Eating Nothing But McDonald's For 100 Days Says He's Losing Weight. 'From French Fries to Fit Guy.'

Kevin Maginnis says the fast-food fitness plan proves that it's not what you eat but how much you eat.

3 Research-Backed Ways to Show Up as an Ally for People of Color

The status quo is the enemy of diversity and inclusion. Leaders that truly lead inclusively know the power of challenging non-inclusive norms, disrupting the status quo and proactively engaging in healthy conflict conversations.

Julie Kratz

10 Go-To Self-Care Activities That Don't Cost a Darn Thing

There's a lot of advice circulating today regarding self-care. Follow these strategies for ten cheap (or free) self-care activities.

Kelly Hyman

6 Strategies to Beat Procrastination and Increase Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Boosting your productivity and reaching your goals faster is achievable via these six strategies. If you're ready to tackle procrastination and reach new heights of productivity, dive in.

Murali Nethi

The Viral Brand Behind Soaring Searches for 'Female Body Hair' Still Gets Up Close and Personal After Its $310 Million Sale

Georgina Gooley co-founded Billie in 2017 to meet women's shaving needs and change the narrative around body hair.

Amanda Breen

If You're Not Already Focusing on Employee Well-Being, You Should Be – And Your Bottom Line Will Thank You

Your team members are likely already putting in the required effort, but how can you cultivate an environment that also fosters enhanced wellness?

John Boitnott

Here's the Problem With How We Address Burnout

The issue with how we approach burnout — and what we should be doing instead

Jason R. Waller

25 Habits of Toxic Friends and How to Deal With Them

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that negative relationships can lead to serious health problems.

John Rampton